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JRFY series oil and gas hot bl
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JRFY series oil and gas hot blast stove

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JRFY series oil and gas hot blast stove

Model JRFY series horizontal metallic case oil fuel indirect fuel hot air fumace integrates combustion and heat exhange in its one body and is a hot air heating device with high thermal efficency(Its thermaI efficiency will be 65%一85%)l The output temperature of hot air 500℃一800℃. Smoke and air has its own pass.The air through heat exchange is clean hot one.It can be equipped with different drying equipment.It is wide used for heating and damp removing of agricultu ral,medical and chemical products such as grain,seeds,feedstuff,fruits,dehydrated vegetables,pasania fungus,agaric,white fungus.tea tobacoo leaf;foodstuff, medicines,chemlcal raw materials.

Technical parameters:

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