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BPG series closed cycle spray
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Closed cycle

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Working principle of closed cycle spray dryer:

Closed cycle spray drying system is working in a confined environment, the system with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) as the drying medium, spray drying technology of explosion-proof, antioxidant, dedicated to the hydrocarbon system (such as ethanol, methanol, acetone, hexane and butanol, DMF, toluene and other organic solvents) made of suspension the whole process, no oxidation products, medium Recyclable, inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) can be recycled.
The system uses inert gas as circulating gas, has a protective effect on dry materials circulation gas through process load wet, dehumidification, heating and drying, the medium can be reused; nitrogen is heated by the heater into the drying tower, liquid material through a feeding pump to the atomizer, the powdery material liquid is atomized into the atomizer discharged from the bottom of the tower by organic solvent gas evaporation in fan under negative pressure, the dust in the gas through the dust caught in the cyclone separator, spray tower, gas saturated organic solvent is condensed by the condenser into liquid discharged from the condenser, non condensable gas medium after continuous heating as dry wet body re cycled load in the system. Drying system, the drying medium for the inert gas, the internal pressure for the operation, to maintain a certain amount of oxygen, if the internal pressure drop, the pressure transmitter to automatically control the intake, to ensure the system pressure balance. ? Closed cycle spray drying system is mainly used for the slurry containing alcohol and flammable solvents, or are easily oxidized in air can not contact the machine for the production of products, good product consistency, can make the ball materials, especially suitable for high precision ceramics such as tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, nano ceramics, pharmaceutical intermediates.

Two, closed cycle spray dryer features:

1, to prevent oxidation products, improve product quality.
2, easy to clean, sterile operation.
3, the solvent can be recovered in the feed.
4, improve the preservation of aromatic ingredients.
5, can dry flammable liquid or cooling granulation.
6, can be drying heat sensitive materials with strong.
7, to achieve low pollution, no pollution.
8, can omit deodorizing device.
9, to achieve a temperature of 100 degrees celsius.

Three, closed cycle spray dryer applicable products:

1, non oxide ceramics (AeN, Si3N4, etc.), cemented carbide, high performance battery materials, etc..
2, seasonings, health products.
3, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic drugs.
4, synthetic resin, paraffin.
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