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RB series hose pumps
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RB series hose pump

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RB series hose pump

This RB series hose pump is a kind of positive displacement creeping pump which utilizesthe two round cams fixed on the flywheel to pcoduce the interval and periodical pressing and releasing to the hose when the flywheel running so as to have the materials thick liquid sucked and discharged for transportation of it.It has the character of simple structure,easy maintenance,high pressure of the inlet.and strong self-suction capability etc.It is widely applied for solid mixture(such as grinding sand stone,ceramic thick liquid.thick coal powder liquid,mineral aggregate slurry,mud slurry,dyestuff liquid,metal slag liquid etc),chemical and high viscosity liquid(inctuding chemical dope.agglutinant,dairy products,sugar,and petroleum etc).as well as transporting of gas-mixing mixture.

Technical parameters:

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