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ZS series vibrating screen
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ZS series vibrating screen

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Main use
1. Machinery industry: powder metallurgy, casting molding sand, aluminum magnesium alloy powder, hard alloy powder, magnetic material, electric solder, etc..
2. Chemical industry: resins, plastics, coatings, dyes, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals, solvents and so on.
3. Medicine and food industry, Chinese and Western medicine, biochemical medicine, granule, tablet, pill, starch, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, yeast and so on.
4. Glass, ceramics, abrasives: glass powder, abrasive materials, ceramic powder, quartz sand and so on.

Continuous production, automatic grading screening.
Closed structure, no dust overflow.
Low noise.
Quick start, very stable parking.
Small size, easy installation, easy operation and maintenance.
The utility model has the advantages of high utilization ratio of the screen, poor visibility, and easy replacement of wire mesh.

Structure and property:

Working principle
The vibrating screen comprises a motor operation, the vibrator generates vibration, connected by the spring, the vibrating part Fuxuan vibration, the vibration trajectory is a complex space curve, the curve in the horizontal projection to a circle in two vertical surface projection are oval (i.e. on the left, tilt motion). Adjust the vibrator under phase rotation angle of the hammer block, can change the trajectory of screen surface material, when under the hammer block overlap phase angle are at 0 degrees, with the material from the outward divergence; when the phase angle of the hammer block in 90 degrees, to gather material center.

Key technical data

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