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ZGQ series vibrating fluidized
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Vibrated fluidized bed

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Material from the feed port into the machine, under the action of vibration material along the horizontal direction will move forward continuously, hot air upward through the fluidized bed with wet heat, humid air after the cyclone dust discharged from the air outlet, the dried material discharged from the discharging port.


The vibration source is driven by vibrating motor, stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance.
The high thermal efficiency, can save more than 30% energy than ordinary drying device. The bed temperature distribution is uniform, no local overheating phenomenon, fluidization uniformity, no dead angle phenomenon.
- good adjustability, wide adaptation. The thickness of the material and the moving speed in the machine and full uniform amplitude change stepless adjustment.
The damage to the surface of material, can be used for fragile material drying; irregular particle effect will not be affected.
Adopt the closed structure, can effectively prevent the cross infection between material and air air cleaner work environment.
When used for high moisture mass production, can use multiple series of ways to achieve the user requirements (typical material: such as polyacrylamide etc.).

Technical parameters:

Note: the above evaporation is the maximum evaporation
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