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YPG pressure spray granulation
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YPG Pressure spray

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Pressure type spray drying machine is the use of pressure atomizer diaphragm pump with pressure atomizing solution or slurry material into fine droplets, the surface area increased. The full heat exchange is fast drying and hot air (tens of seconds to tens of seconds), in order to get the powder or fine granule product equipment.


Fast drying, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials:
The products are spherical particles, uniform size, fluidity, good solubility, high purity, good quality, wide application range, can be used for hot air drying, granulation, granulation, cooling can also spray crystallization, spray reaction etc.
Can be equipped with powder sent back again. The wet agglomeration system, meet the requirement of material particle size.
The utility model has the advantages of simple and stable operation, convenient control and easy realization of automatic operation, and the particle size, the loose density and the moisture of the product can be adjusted within a certain range.

Application scope:

Food, medicine, chemical, dyestuff, pesticide, plastics, ceramics, biochemical etc. it is suitable for liquid.

Adaptive material:

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